We make tournament registration easy!


See below for some Frequently Asked Questions.

The current system is cumbersome and inefficient.

  1. Players register on the ADG website.
  2. Players pay via direct deposit or through club online shop.
  3. You then have to cross check the payments with the registered players.
  4. Then you have to chase up those that haven’t paid to see if they are still coming.
  5. Then when you find out that they’re not coming you have to find people to replace the players that have pulled out.

It’s clunky and hours of time are wasted.

With Jump Putt, you simply submit your tournament information, we set up the tournament page, and players can start registering (and paying) in one simple step.

You will receive an email whenever someone registers for your tournament.

We will also send you a spreadsheet with all your players registration info.

It is completely free to submit a tournament to Jump Putt, however there is small fee associated with each payment.

Jump Putt uses
Stripe as our payment gateway. Stripe charges a small fee (1.75% +30c per transaction) for their services. This is similar to (if not cheaper than) most club websites who commonly use Paypal for their gateway.

We also charge a small fee ($2pp) to use our registration system. Both of these costs can easily be factored into the total player fee, and in our experience, is well worth it for the amount of admin time it saves you as the organiser.

We are working on an automated solution that we hope to launch very soon.

For now the money goes into our Stripe account, and we will manually transfer it to your nominated bank account every few days.

Just send us an email (chains [at] jumpputt.com.au) and we’ll update it for you.

We are working on a better solution to make this easier for you.